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Most people don’t have a clear understanding about goals. They don’t have the clear concept of goals. What is goal? Why it is crucial to our life? They are confused with Goals. When you ask a student, what is his goal in his life? Probably he can quickly answer; I want to become a doctor, an engineer, a lower, etc. But if you ask the second question what will you do after becoming a doctor, an engineer or a lower? He will probably have no clear answers. He has no clear answer because he hasn’t thought beyond that.

Let me clarify you what a goal is. To become a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer is your profession to approach your goal. Your career or profession is a vehicle to your destination. Your destination is a goal, not your vehicle. Your vehicle is your profession. Your profession is not your goal. Your destination must be something especial. Now the most striking point is that you find the purpose of your life and then set your goal.

First you decide where you really want to go, and then get on that vehicle that will take you there. Don’t get on a vehicle first, and then decide where to go. Most people select their vehicles first, and then they decide where to go. I am not talking about motor vehicles. I am talking about your life vehicles. It is just like catching a train first, and then decides where to go. Our profession is not a goal. It helps us achieve our goals. Your goal is a map of your life. A goal is an objective, a purpose, a clear map of your life. A goal is more important than to achieve any degrees.

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