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Most people don’t know about food for the mind. It really interests us, “What could be the food for the mind?” okay, don’t worry. I will make it very very clear today. The way your body needs good food to be physically strong, your mind needs good food, too, for mentally strong. Just think for a while, if you fed your body decayed or junk food, what would be? You would be sick. You would be physically weak.

You are very very conscious about your physical body that’s why you feed your body nutritious food to be physically strong. Now the major factor is that how much conscious you are about your mind food. What kind of food you feed your mind. If you feed your mind junk food, you will be mentally sick.

Let me tell you what food your mind needs. Understand clearly that all kind of either positive or negative information is food for your mind. Your mind needs information (food). It is its food. Your mind gets food (information) through five senses-(what you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch) such as the books you read, videos or movies you watch, images or photos you see, the songs or the words you listen, the things you touch, the things you smell, and the things you eat. Now, if you want to feel always motivated and positive, feed your mind good food every day. Information is energy. So, always feed your mind positive energy.

Watch motivational videos. Listen to motivational songs. Watch successful persons’ photos and anchor yourself with their states the first thing in the first morning. Start your day with these powerful activities. You will feel so motivated all day long.

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