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Set your goal.
“The power of written goal – written goals get imprinted into your subconscious mind.”

After setting your goal use these questions to determine if your goals are well formed:

  1. Are my goals attainable? (Is time specified and is it realistic?)
  2. Is it sated in the positive way?
  3. Is it within my power to accomplish this goal?
  4. How will I and others benefit from me having this goal?
  5. What will cause me to focus on my goal?
  6. Will it disturb any part of my life or those close to me?
  7. What will change when I have my goal?

Boost your belief system by repeating the following statements.

They will help you ascertain what you need in order to help you achieve your goals. Say to each statement aloud to rate the degree of your goal.

  1. My goal is desirable and worthwhile.
  2. It is easy and possible to achieve my goal.
  3. I am very clear to what I have to do to achieve my goal.
  4. I have incredible power to achieve my goal.
  5. I deserve t to achieve my goal.

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