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“Life is not worthwhile without dreams. Dreams are not worthwhile without actions. Actions are not worthwhile without dreams”. – Jitendra Kushwaha

It is like:-

  • A passenger is traveling in a vehicle without knowing where it is going.
  • A kite flying in the sky without a thread.
  • An airplane without a flying plan.
  • A ship without a captain and compass.
  • Going on a road without knowing where it goes

And there will be:-

  • No eagerness
  • No zeal
  • No happiness
  • No success
  • No peace of mind
  • No hopes
  • No destination
  • No enthusiasm
  • No excitement
  • No delight

Do you think of your life to live this way? If not, take congruent and committed decision to your life.

A life without a goal is like an ox walking endlessly in small oil producing factory. If you wake up without a goal, better you go back to sleep. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

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