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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Break your belief system — believe 100% that you can do, be, and have anything you desire. Believing in yourself is a force to change your life. It is not so easy for your mind to believe it. It’s because of your belief system that has been strongly formed from your childhood. Your belief system has been formed from your childhood by your knowledge and experience of you and your parents, society, schools, colleges, universities and friends. Remember knowledge and experience creates our belief system. To break your belief system you need to have a committed and determined decision. You know what you have accomplished or you will accomplish anything- bigger or smaller it’s only because of the size your belief system. The most important – the size of your belief system measures the size of your success. No matter what culture you follow, it is totally all about your belief system to follow the culture you follow. The bigger belief you have the bigger success will follow to you. You beliefs are the major key to success. Most persons don’t have self-belief in them that they can achieve anything they want. Beliefs make profound changes in our lives. Hey! Don’t live in the cage of your belief system. Break it.

I want to put a few examples of experiments how belief system is created and programmed in one’s mind.

Some scientists had an experiment on a parrot how a belief system is formed in its mind. To experiment, they kept a parrot in a cage. And after some time in the cage, all of a sudden a grain dropped and the parrot ate it happily. And the parrot was hopefully waiting for the next grain. It waited for one minute but no grain. It waited for two minutes but still no grain. It waited, waited and finally took a big round in the cage that why grains were not coming when it was about to complete 3 minutes. As the parrot took a big round, a grain suddenly came and the parrot ate it. And again the parrot waited, waited, and waited and again angrily took a big round. This time also a grain came suddenly in the cage and the parrot ate it. And the parrot waited for the third time, the fourth time, and the fifth time and on and on and so on and did the same thing every time after every-three- minute. And each time a grain kept coming.

Why was the parrot angrily taking a big round? The parrot thought that every time if it took a big round, a grain would come every time in the cage. But it was totally not the real thing. The scientists set a machine a little bit far from the cage. And there was a pipe connected with the machine to automatically go a grain to the cage after every three minute. And here the machine was working its own work but the parrot believed that when it took a big round, then a grain came. And this way the parrot believed that taking a big round brought a grain. The parrot, holding this simple thought acted over and over again and it has become its strong belief system in its mind. This way the parrot formed its belief system in its mind.

I want to literally emphasize that all human beings have formed their own belief system this way by holding a certain kind of thought in their minds thinking and acting over it over and over, and by their own knowledge and experience, and of their parents, society, schools, colleges, universities, religions, and their friends.

Here I would like to take another view from this experiment. When there is a parrot in the cage, it cannot fly even it wants and tries its best to fly. There is only one way for the parrot to fly when the cage is open or when the cage will be broken. In the same way all human beings are in the cage of their belief system. If you really desire to succeed and fly, there is only one way for you and that is to break your belief system and open your mind and form strong and bigger belief in you that you can achieve anything you want.

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